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Best Seller GoPro protective case under $10
Best Seller
GoPro protective case under $10

GoPro protective case, do we really need it?

GoPro Hero 4 (as well as other GoPro models) are remarkably rugged, especially with the standard housing, they were built for the actions and the adventures. You’ll still need a GoPro protective case if you’re traveling or storing your GoPro camera. Because it’ll prevent the lens from getting scratched and minimize the chance of a knock from causing some damages. And all those accessories are well organized so you can easily find them when things are heating up.

The GoPro protective case also keeps all those fiddly GoPro adapters separate from your other camera gear so you won’t end up grabbing the wrong thing when you are trying to get the shot.

After trying different brands, I finally got what I was looking for, the “Smatree G75 small Case for GoPro Hero and Accessories”, with most positive reviews.

The Smatree G75 Small GoPro Case is a hard case which will protect your GoPro Camera and its screen from any damages which could be caused by accidental falls, the scratches, dust or even water. Specially designed for the GoPro Hero, this protective case has perfectly-shaped compartments for batteries, thumbscrews, curved mount, SD memory cards, housing doors, and cable.


Smartree G75 Small GoPro Protective Case

With the pre-cut EVA foam interior designed to fit one camera, depending on what size your camera is, mine is a Hero3+, so an extra piece of foam (which is included with the case). Inside the case, on the right-hand side, there are cut-outs for your GoPro camera in its housing, spare batteries, and two BacPac accessories.

On the left side of the case, there are two sections for storing accessories like the GoPro floating Hand Grip, battery charger etc


Smartree G75 Small GoPro Protective Case

Mesh pocket with a durable zipper on the top enlarges the storage space for cables or other accessories and keep them in good condition. This GoPro protective case feels very high quality compared to a typical elastic mesh. Can you imagine, I can fit a portable battery, a couple of GoPro mounts thumbscrews, and unless you open it, you won’t know that much amount of accessories are being stored

Can you imagine, I can fit a portable battery, a couple of GoPro mounts thumbscrews, and unless you open it, you won’t know that much amount of accessories are being stored


Smartree G75 Small GoPro Protective Case

When it comes to the exterior of this case, I have no complains, why? Because the red zippers just contrast nicely with the case’s solid dark color. Everything seems to blend in very well, not overly flashy but still very classy, the molded “Smacase” logo on the handle and the zipper pull gives me the high – quality feeling. There’s one add – into this case that I love very much, that is a small caribiner to hook the case onto my backpack.


  • The case is lightweight but still very compact and strong, gives more protection.
  • Is an affordable case.
  • Comes in various sizes and colors.


  • If you have some big accessories, they might not fit the case.
  • With a big GoPro camera like the HERO4, the camera will stay a little bit above the foam.

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Smatree Carrying Case Compatible for GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/GOPRO HERO (2018)/DJI Osmo Action(Black & Red)-Extra-Small
  • Size: Small, Dimensions: 6.8" x2.7" x5" compact and easy to store in backpacks or carry-on luggage; recommend for traveling and home storage
  • Nice shaped compartments fit for ONE GoPro hero, HERO 7/6/5/4/3+/3/2 camera and small accessories (Refer to pictures)
  • with caribiner loop for easy carrying. The loop can be easily attached to a belt or large bag


I’m extremely pleased with this case overall. With its rigid build, quality-feeling materials, and precision pre-cut foam insert, it holds my GoPro cameras and accessories securely and in style. Highly recommended!

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