Best All in One GoPro Kit – LifeLimit Accessory Kit

The LifeLimit GoPro Accessory Kit – Optimal choice for your camera

For saving the time, we recommend you thinking about buying a GoPro accessory kit because based on our experiences, everyone sooner or later has to purchase a kit to use. If you wanna buy it separately only what you need, that’s fine. However, it will cost you lots of money rather than buying a fundamental kit which we mention in this article.

We had done many research about GoPro accessory kit and experienced ourselves using some of them. We know we could not ask for more with a cheap price. As we said before, if we do not use the kit regularly, we do not need to buy an expensive one. Of the many GoPro kits that we have used the LifeLimit HD Camera’s Outdoor Sports Kit is one that has always been a favourite one. And here is why we absolutely love this kit.

Lifelimit Accessory Kit for GoPro
Lifelimit Accessory Kit for GoPro

lifelimit GoPro Accessory Kit

Heaps of accessories

This LifeLimit GoPro accessory kit comes with so many accessories and parts that it can be overwhelming especially if you are new to GoPro accessories. However, this should not worry you as each part, and accessory serves a purpose.

Thus, do not think for a second that you will not need or use any one of the many mounting accessories. In fact, the presence of diverse mounting accessories in this kit is a plus.

lifelimit GoPro Accessory Kitlifelimit GoPro Accessory Kit

Acceptable quality at this price.

Apart from having a wide selection of mounting accessories, the LifeLimit HD camera kit is also of good quality. All the parts you get are acceptable quality. For starters, the suction cup is strong and will help you take great shots in awkward places. As for the head strap, it might appear small at first, but it grows over time to accommodate the size of your head. The chest mount is of a high quality and can accommodate most body types.

This LifeLimit GoPro accessory kit comes with so many accessories and parts that it can be overwhelming especially if you are new to GoPro accessories.

lifelimit GoPro Accessory Kit

High safety

The monopod measures 8.5 inches when collapsed and 43 inches when fully extended and comes with a strap that you can wrap around your wrist for added security. Similar to the monopod, the floating hand grip also features a strap for added safety. On the other hand, the handlebar mount is sturdy and is easy to take out. The provided clamp comes in handy when we need to attach my camera to a backpack, which we find to be beneficial.

lifelimit GoPro Accessory Kit

Overall we give this LifeLimit GoPro accessory kit a rating of 4 out 5.

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  • It is easy to carry around as everything fits well in the bag
  • All the accessories in this kit are of a good quality
  • The parts are packaged in Ziploc bags for safety
  • The accessories have safety features such as the safety straps for the monopod and floating hand grip


  • The accessories are made of plastic and tend to break easily when used for intensive purposes
  • Some of the tightening knobs break when turned with too much force
  • For starter only, not for professional.

Product Description:

1 x Octopus Tripod
1 x Suction cup
1 x Floaty bobber with strap and screw
1 x 360-degree Rotation Clip & Screw .
1 x Extendable Handheld Monopod Pole
1 x Bicycle Handlebar / Seatpost Clamp with Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm
4x Flat & 4x Curved Mounts with adhesive pads
1 x chest harness
1 x Headstrap Mount
1 x LifeLimite large size pouch
1 x 360-degree Rotation, New Wrist Mount
1 x Black Tripod Mount Adapter
2 x Gopro Surface J-Hook
5 x long thumbscrew
1 x Frame Mount Housing(HERO4 / HERO 3 / HERO3+ cameras only)

Why we rate it 4 out of 5 star?

This LifeLimit GoPro accessory kit is affordable and gets the job done. However, it has some drawbacks that can be frustrating especially if you use your camera for intensive professional work. Nevertheless, this kit earns a 4-star rating since its accessories are just acceptable quality at this great value. You could not ask for more.


Admittedly, this GoPro accessory kit is made from brittle plastic that is susceptible to breaking. However, it should be noted that even the best of kits, when used without caution, will also be vulnerable to breaking. Thus, this kit is still a great GoPro kit that you can use for your outdoor shooting.

Additionally, this kit is considerably less costly than the GoPro kit sold by GoPro. Of course the quality could not be the same. In the upcoming articles, we will do some reviews about professional kits. If you are still confusing about the quality or the price, please continue to follow our page, we will keep reviewing other brands to help you in making decision.