How GoPros and Drones are Helping to Save Lives

Drones are just for the military.

In fact, their availability and low-cost have made them a true hobby for many.

They can be a step up from other remote-controlled vehicles, or used for more specific purposes.

Enter the GoPro.

By attaching a GoPro to your drone, you can capture aerial images, check out large plots of land in record time, or get eyes on a dangerous situation without risking your safety.

Not only are the two devices on their own highly useful but they’re also incredibly easy to use.

And a lot cheaper than some alternatives.

Hobbyists and the military aren’t the only ones getting in on this fun combo.

Filmmakers, photographers, businesses, and utility companies are also taking full advantage of drones and GoPros.

Think about it:

Aerial photography can require multiple people and some expensive costs. With a drone, all it takes is a single person and piece of equipment.

Marketing and advertising can be done with drones, either for invaluable, bird’s eye view footage or for other promotional uses.

Drones can be used by contractors to check out roofs and other structures before putting someone in a potentially hazardous situation. They can also be used to inspect cell phone towers and power lines without putting someone in harm’s way.

Even e-commerce sites are considering drones as a new alternative for making deliveries.

Imagine that…

No more packages left at the foot of a driveway by a careless or lazy delivery person. With a drone, they could see exactly where to land a package and take images of its final dropsite to keep you updated on the delivery.

That’s pretty snazzy customer service if you ask me.

In case you’re still not sold on just how awesome the GoPro and drone combo can be, read on.

How Gopros and Drones are Helping

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