GoPro Fusion – The Best 360 Camera So Far Is Out – Why I Love It?

What is it actually? Why we need it?

  • You can capture Spherical video, not only capturing 360 photos. It means the camera will shoot every direction at once
  • You can frame and take great shots from all angles and create perfect videos on your phone at that time
  • ​Through GoPro App, you can preview by your phone before taking any shots or videos because there will be no monitor on the Fusion. Besides that, you also can playback, capture directly from your phone, editing and sharing to your friends.
  • You can bring everything into a shot by this 360 experience now 
  • With amazing stabilization function, you can make smooth videos without a gimbal like others

Why it is so special?


You can shoot 5.2K at 30fps or 3K at 60fps. But I prefer 5.2K setting because I love the way it does with GoPro App

So far, I can say the footage was not blown out like other competitors in bright environments and in the low light, it is even better. You can take acceptable 18MP in my expectations.

I felt a little bit disappointed about the compatibility between this Fusion and the Karma drone with stabilizer. The selfie stick of Fusion is a bit hefty but you can hold it easily and comfortable.  You will be surprised of what "angle mode" is. it can make your camera looks like it is in the mid-air. How amazing! 

In the beginning I thought this Fusion is not waterproof like other GoPros, however, you can bring it under the water up to 16 feet (5 meters) but I don't recommend you to do that because of the light diffractions.


I am a bit surprised with the length of the battery. I like it. Bring along one or two backup battery for shoots more than a few hours.

Remember what I said, make sure you use the camera house included in the case, never detach it because when you render the scene, you can not remove any scratches on the 350 lens 

It's a bit difficult to navigate menus since there is no touch display, only using the buttons. I felt like they have a step back in time since Hero6 released. Now all I have in hands is a camera powerful camera with many things to navigate but without touch display


GoPro Fusion


All I can say about the software is that if you were not born for computer or a phone geek, you will be disappointed when using both of them.

However, as I said, this device is just in the beginning of development, I understand that they already tried their best to make things right but it still needs some changes in the future.



After all, if you are passionate about creating amazing 360 footages, don't hesitate to buy it as I said, this is the best 360 camera so far. 

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