Best GoPro Headstrap Mount under $15 in 2017


GoPro Headstrap Mount – Is It a Necessary Gear?

  • How do you use your GoPro?
  • For what occasion?
  • Have you ever enjoyed biking or trekking with GoPro?
  • Marathon, Kayaking or even Snorkelling with GoPro?


GoPro Headstrap mount will make your trip better. Do you know why? Let’s continue to read to find out why.

GoPro Headstrap MountGoPro Headstrap Mount

My life is sport and travelling. My best friend during the trips is always GoPo. It helps me recording all the moments I’ve had. I usually look for new accessories to use with GoPro. And I think you also agree with me because accessories make GoPro more powerful and useful. For me, headstrap mount is one of my first accessory after buying a GoPro (Hero 4 Black is the best so far in my opinion).

Today I will introduce to you guys the best GoPro headstrap mount which will please to most of customers. I have bought a few sets for my friends and all of them have enjoyed it until now.

Best GoPro Headstrap Mount
Best GoPro Headstrap Mount

After a few times using it, I barely feel it because it is light and it is secured by the quick clip.

Best GoPro Headstrap Mount
Best GoPro Headstrap Mount

One of my experience when using this best GoPro headstrap mount is that I recommend using it over your hat or a cap because my hair is a bit long, some times the headstrap sticks to my hair (a bit annoying).

Best GoPro Headstrap Mount
Best GoPro Headstrap Mount

It’s definitely useful when I want to take a high quality picture during hill climbing trip. My DSLR is quite heavy, it’s very difficult to carry it during the whole trip. Therefore, the GoPro Hero 4 could be able to replace my DSLR in some cases.

Furthermore, you can find it more interesting when you do biking or snowboarding or sky diving. It’s fantastic because it stays tightly to do recording. In my opinion, no one can complain about the video qualities, it’s very stable and clear.

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Few months ago, I went fishing with this headstrap to record how I catch a fish. It’s was a long long catch because I was not good at fishing. However, after an hour later, oh my god, it’s worth to wait for an almost 8 pounds catfish. This was the happiest moment in my fishing time.

One more last thing I would recommend you guys to check carefully after you got it from the seller. My friend told me once about the screws. So you should check whether the camera is floppy and swings up and down or not. If yes, it might be defective. You could ask for a replacement from the seller.

I think this GoPro Headstrap mount is exactly as described in my case (lucky me).

Some of best points I picked out:

  • It’s compatible to all models of GoPro cameras: HERO, HERO3: White Edition, HERO 3+: Black Edition, HERO3+: Silver Edition, HERO4 Silver, & HERO4 Black
  • It is fully adjustable to whatever sizes you want. It means you can wear it over your head or your helmet.
  • Weight: only 9.9 ounces.
  • It includes a quick clip which is ultra-compact and low profile mounting.
  • Last thing is thumbscrew. You can easily adjust the angle or direction of the GoPro on the headstrap.

In conclusion, there are many types of headstrap from different manufacturers. I will continue to do the review about the pros and cons of all the types I’ve used to help you picking your right choice.

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