The Best GoPro Extended Battery Ever – Editor’s choice


Wasabi GoPro Hero 4 Extended Battery – Why it is the best seller one?

Wasbi extended battery for Gopro
Wasbi extended battery for Gopro

Best GoPro Extended Battery: Wasabi
Wasabi GoPro Extended Battery

Best GoPro Extended Battery. How to find it?

The original battery has never been enough for a whole day trip. In case you want to use it as a trip camera, it definitely lets you down after a few hours of using it. Everyone knows about it. The fact that people always try to avoid buying the GoPro extended battery in the first time until something bad happens.

DUAL Charger!

Best GoPro Extended Battery: Wasabi
Wasabi GoPro Extended Battery

When I decided to upgrade to the GoPro Hero 4 Silver action camera, I knew that I had to buy a new battery. After an intensive online search, I decided to settle on the battery pack with the most positive reviews, the Wasabi Power Battery and Dual Charger.

I have been using this Wasabi battery kit for about one year now and in all honesty, I do not regret buying it. For starters, the Charger is nice and compact making it ideal for use on the go. Additionally, it is also lightweight and has two charging ports. Therefore, you can charge the two lithium-ion batteries at the same time.

Working with any other mini USB

Wasabi GoPro Hero 4 Extended Battery
Wasabi GoPro Extended Battery

The charger features a 32-inch mini USB cable, which when plugged into the charger causes a green light to flicker on the charger. The charger’s LED light turns green when it completes charging and lights red when charging. Though the charger comes with a mini USB, it can work with any other mini USB out there.

Charge two HERO4 batteries at the same time; 1160mAh each

On to the batteries now, the two lithium ion batteries have a capacity of 1160 Mah. Although these batteries are not as durable as the Hero 4 batteries from Go Pro, they are pretty powerful. In fact, I found the difference in battery life between the Go Pro batteries and these batteries to be negligible.

3 year warranty from the manufacturer? WOW!!!

This battery kit comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, the battery kit is relatively less costly than Go Pro batteries. If I had to rate this battery kit, I would give it a strong 5 out of 5.

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  • Decent battery life can go for one hour of recording per charge
  • The charger is lightweight and compact making it ideal for on the go use
  • Is an affordable battery kit
  • The charger also works with Go Pro batteries


  • The battery life is shorter than that of the Go Pro battery pack
  • Not all the batteries fit, some are too large and end up damaging the Hero 4’s door hinge
  • The batteries die after some time, for instance one of my battery died after about three months
Wasabi GoPro Hero 4 Extended Battery
Wasabi GoPro Extended Battery

As already stated, I give this Wasabi battery kit a 5 out of 5 rating. The reason for this rating is that this battery pack was the best at its price point. For starters, Wasabi is a well-known brand among Go Pro Hero camera users. Thus, I was confident of the company’s standards of quality. Also, these batteries are of the same quality as the Go Pro batteries but costs less than the Go Pro batteries. This is in addition to being able to charge the batteries while they are in the camera, meaning that i do not always have to carry the charger to charge my batteries.


Previously I have used the GoPro extended battery pack for both the Hero 4 and Hero 3 cameras. Compared to the GoPro batteries, this Wasabi battery pack offers great battery life at an impressive price point. Thus, if you do not want to spend too much money on your battery pack without compromising on, this battery kit from Wasabi is the one I strongly recommend.

Of course there are other different batteries, we are very keen on choosing the best one to use. Therefore, in the upcoming articles, we will continue to review more options for out GoPro.