[Hot] GoPro Hero4 Session super sale on Amazon

The Gopro Hero4 Session super sale on Amazon! Perfect for the holiday trips!

Today, the price of GoPro Hero4 Session is now cut in half, from $400 to only $199.99!! Let’s say you are planning to go skiing this holiday, you want to tell your friends how amazing it is, but the truth is, for sports you cannot always bring a big heavy camera with you. Gopro Hero4 Session is the perfect choice even there are some leaked news about gopro hero 5

Here are the reasons why you should get one:

Go Pro Hero4 Session is currently the GoPro’s smallest, lightest and most convenient camera yet. It can be attached to anything from a helmet to a guitar. The size of this tiny thing is just half of its other GoPro siblings, and it’s super easy when it comes to mounting a Hero4 in places you can’t even think of, like a bicycle’s spokes; you can’t do that with any other GoPro.

Another thing when it comes to the design of GoPro Hero4 Session is the weight (2.6 oz), half the weight of the Hero4 Black in its water resistant case. That’s what makes the Hero4 Session so incredible, it’s water resistant up to 10m/33ft without the need for an additional cover. Losing the cover means the audio recorded is going to be much better, with two microphones – one on the front and the other one is on the back of the camera, the sounds are going to be much clearer.

The thing that makes Hero4 Session so tough is the textured rubber, but doesn’t mean it can’t be scratched, especially the lens, but once inside its mount, that’s not too much of a problem.

The physical controls are a little bit different from other GoPro, with just one button and a small LCD screen shows the time you have been recording, numbers of pictures you’ve taken, and most important, the battery life. Sometimes it hard to know which way the camera is pointing or where exactly the lens are. Comparing with the HTC Re or the GoPro Hero4 Black which has more of a traditional camera shape, Hero4 Session might take you a bit more time to get used to it.

Hero4 Session also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection available so you can connect the camera to your phone to fully experience everything GoPro Hero4 Session has to offer. You might wonder where to put your microSD and if the camera ran out of battery, how could you recharge it, with Hero4 Session, there’s a small flap on the right hand side, to open it, you just simply have to flip a small switch and the flap will pop out, revealing a microSD card slot and the micro USB charging port. That’s really a big improvement for GoPro.

At this price, we cannot ask for more with the GoPro videos quality. Compared with GoPro Hero4 Silver 2k and GoPro Hero4 Black, this Session has GoPro videos up to 1440 at 30 fps, 1080 at 60 fps and 720 at 100 fps, not bad for a super small decent action cam.

The price is half as much as the Hero4 Silver but you get the same quality, so what are you waiting for? Grab the chance, get yourself a Hero4 Session today, with only $199.99 ($400 before sales)!!

GoPro Hero4 Session super sale on Amazon, click on the link and become the owner of this amazing action camera, for just $199.99.


The package includes:

  • GoPro HERO4 Session
  • The Frames for HERO4 Session
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Ball Joint Mounting Buckle
  • Mounting Buckles and Hardware
  • USB Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Some key features:

  • Camera sensor: 8-megapixel sensor
  • Water resistant: 10m/33′
  • Width of lens: 170-degree wide-angle
  • GoPro videos: 1440 at 30fps 4:3 top resolution, 1080p at 60fps, 720p at 100fps

Manufacturer: GoPro
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