How to Live-Stream Video with GoPro


How to Live-Stream with GoPro?

Live-stream on Facebook is a new trend, and good news for GoPro fan is GoPro can also do Live-Stream.

GoPro and Periscope announced an update to the Periscope app would allow users to do GoPro live-stream as well as the iPhone’s camera.

How to Live-Stream Video with GoPro
How to Live-Stream Video with GoPro

Over 10 million Periscope users worldwide can now live stream from their GoPro HERO4 Silver and Black cameras and use all of the standard features found in the app.  Users connect their GoPro camera to their iPhone using WiFi and Periscope allows them to live stream from the GoPro or switch between their front and rear facing iPhone cameras.

Here step by step:

 GoPro Tutorials: How to pair your GoPro camera?

You can download Periscope from the Apple App Store, or if you already have it installed it should update soon

The potential for streaming from a smaller camera intended to be used in extreme situations is limitless. And that’s pretty exciting.

To use the new feature, you’ll need to own a GoPro Hero4 Silver or GoPro Hero4 Black and an iPhone.


How do I do GoPro live-stream?

You can now broadcast your adventures LIVE with a GoPro! To get started, you’ll need an iPhone 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+ with iOS 8.2 or above and a GoPro Hero 4.

Setting up GoPro:

  1. Install the GoPro app from the App Store on your iPhone.
    GoPro Live-Stream
    Setup GoPro live-stream with Periscope
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your GoPro with your iPhone.
  3. After pairing, go to Settings App > Wifi > Select your GoPro
    GoPro Live-Stream
    Setup GoPro live-stream with Periscope
  4. Make sure your GoPro is in Video mode, then open Periscope and tap the Broadcast tab to begin. Check out the GoPro camera toggle.
    GoPro Live-Stream
    Setup GoPro live-stream with Periscope
    GoPro Live-Stream
    GoPro Live-Stream

IMPORTANT: GoPro Broadcasting Notes

  1. iPhone 5, 5c devices will broadcast, but will not save the broadcast to your camera roll. iPhone 5S and up are fully supported devices.
  2. The Hero 4 session is not supported at this time.
  3. Do not leave the Periscope app while broadcasting. Leaving Periscope will end the broadcast.
  4. Swipe Right during a broadcast to select which camera source you’d like to broadcast from (GoPro, front-facing iPhone, or back iPhone). You can also double tap the screen to toggle between the iPhone and GoPro cameras.
  5. You can lock the screen by tapping lock screen. Unlock by swiping across the top. This comes in handy if you need to slip your iPhone in your pocket and prevent accidental taps.
    GoPro Live-Stream
    Setup GoPro live-stream with Periscope

Broadcasting Best Practices

  1. Try sharing a new perspective. We’re now able to broadcast experiences we couldn’t with a phone.
  2. Share it on Twitter! Broadcasts play LIVE on your Twitter feed.
  3. Share with your followers and keep broadcasts from 3-5 minutes long.


By default, broadcasts are public and viewable to anyone. If you create a private broadcast, only people who you invite will be able to see it. If you want to invite someone to a private broadcast, you must be following them and they must be following you.

What happens when you start a public broadcast?

  1. A push notification is sent to your followers, indicating that you are live.
  2. Anyone who joins your broadcast can chat (unless you’ve limited chat to users you follow) and send hearts.
  3. Anyone who joins your broadcast can share it on Twitter, with all of their followers on Pericope, with specific followers on Periscope, on Facebook or can copy the link and share it with others.
  4. If you choose to Tweet your broadcast, anyone can watch the broadcast on web or in their Twitter timeline. Anyone on Twitter can retweet the link to your broadcast to share your stream with their audience.
  5. Your live broadcast and replay will appear on everyone’s global feed and your followers’ feeds in the Watch Tab, unless you choose to delete it.

What happens when you start a private broadcast?

  1. You can select who to invite to the broadcast. You can only invite ‘Mutual’s (they follow you and you follow them) but you can choose all of your Mutuals or select specific people to invite.
  2. Only the people you invite can watch, chat, and send hearts.
  3. You can control who sees your broadcast; no one will be able to share your broadcast.
  4. When you privately broadcast a video, the video and a summary of broadcast information (such as your broadcast title, and when and where you broadcast) will be available to the followers you have invited, unless you choose to delete it.

How do I make my broadcast private?

To start a private broadcast, tap on the lock icon on the start broadcast screen. You’ll then be asked to select the followers with whom you would like to share this broadcast. You will only be able to invite users you are following and who follow you

Setup private GoPro live-stream with Periscope
Setup private GoPro live-stream with Periscope


Using GoPro is more interesting now. There are many ways using GoPro action cameras rather than just a normal camera using for action. Today, we can do GoPro live-stream video with your GoPro (and your phone of course). Why don’t you try it and tell me how it goes. I am so curious to use GoPro to do live-stream as we all know how good the video quality is.

So please tell me how you try to do GoPro live-stream in comment section below

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