GoPro Hero5 vs YI 4K – Full Comparison

GoPro Comparison Between Hero5 Black vs YI 4K – Which one is better?

If you are reading this article, we are sure that you already knew one of these two famous 4K action camera. Of course GoPro is the most famous action camera brand in the market, however, in our opinion, Yi 4K is also a running up one that we could think about.

Why we have to compare these two? Frankly to say, Yi 4K is cheaper. But if make a GoPro comparison feature by feature, you might think again whether you might choose a Yi 4K camera with a cheaper price instead of getting a GoPro Hero5 Black which is considered the best and the most powerful action camera in the market. Let’s check out the super detail this table right after this paragraph

 YI 4K Action CameraGoPro HERO5 Black
YI 4K Action CameraGoPro HERO5 Black
Sensor:12 MP Sony
12 MP Sony
Ambarella A9SEAmbarella A9SE
Body: PlasticWaterproof 10m
Resolution:4K – 30fps4K – 30fps
60 Mbps60 Mbps
2.7K – max. 60fps2.7K – max. 60fps
1080p – max. 120fps1080p – max. 120fps
720p – max. 240fps720p – max. 240fps
RAW photo:YesYes
Display:2.19″ touch2″ touch
Battery:1400 mAh1220 mAh
Image Stabilization:up to 2.7K 30fpsup to 2.7K 30fps
Remote Control:YesYes
microSD:up to 128GBup to 128GB
PortMicro USBUSB-C
A/V out:YesYes
Mic in: NoYes
Voice ControlYesYes
GPS recordingNoYes
Case & Mounts Inlcuded?NoNo
Yi 4K CameraGoPro Hero5 Black

Can you make a decision now? If not, please take a look at what we concluded after using both of them at the same time. We will talk shortly to make it easier to compare

1 – Video Quality GoPro Comparison

GoPro Hero 5 Black vs Yi 4K GoPro comparison
GoPro Hero5 Black (left) and Yi 4K camera (right). Image Source:

At the same setting (auto color):

  • With 4K videos, Hero5 image is a bit sharper and the colors are a bit more vivid.
  • With 1080p, despite the fact that YI 4K’s FOV is narrower on 1080p with image stabilization switched on, the colors seem a bit warmer and Hero5’s image is a bit too bright

2 – Image Stabilization GoPro Comparison

Because these two cameras use electronic image stabilization, therefore, 4K is not available. In our experience, Sony FDR-X3000 offers optical image stabilization which is available in 4K.

For the frame rate higher than 60, the image stabilization is not available for both Hero5 Black and Yi 4K.

The field of view (FOV) of YI 4K is narrower than GoPro HERO5 when in 1080p when we switched the image stabilization on.

It’s tough to say which one is completely a winner. But we think GoPro Hero5 is a bit better.

Yi 4K camera is cheaper but it does not mean GoPro Hero5 wins everything. It depends on what quality you want

3 – Audio Quality

GoPro Hero5 Black is definitely the winner. Without housing, the sound is very clear. GoPro HERO5 Black holds 3 microphones and selects the best audio stream automatically. You can also choose manual audio control to fine-tune audio. Remember that GoPro Hero5 Black uses a USB-C port, not micro USB anymore.

4 – Photo Quality

After updating the firmware, Yi 4K camera will have the RAW photo. At the auto setting, Yi 4K seems to be a bit softer & warmer.

Even if the GoPro Hero5 has some quality edges, the Yi’s better battery life and built-in touchscreen more than make up for that

GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4K
Yi 4K (left) and GoPro Hero5 (right). Image Source:

5 – Night Photos

With GoPro Hero5, you must switch to the night mode. With Yi 4K, normal mode is all you need

Hero5 automatically adds saturation to make the picture look more vivid, as YI 4K is a bit more natural and warmer.


GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4k
GoPro Hero5 (left) and Yi 4k (right). Image Source:

6 – Camera Display

The display of YI 4K is a bit larger (2,19″) compared to GoPro Hero5 black (2″). Live view on screen appears to be a bit more vivid on Hero5 than on YI 4K

The response is better with Yi 4K. However, we might think that because GoPro Hero5 is 10m waterproof so the GoPro display might be less responsive than Yi.

GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4k
GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4K Camera. Image Source:

7 – Menu and Navigation

GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4k
GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4k Camera. Image Source:

We prefer menu of Yi 4k because it’s easier to navigate. On Yi 4K especially like the “swipe down” menu which is a bit like the iPhone menu which you pull up. You get a nice overview which connections are switched on to easily select and save power when not needed. Hero5’s swipe down menu shows GPS & Voice control, but not wireless connections

8 – Battery Life

From our experience using both cameras, the YI 4K battery lasts way longer. We use both cams equally with all wireless connections turned off. Usually, the GoPro Hero5 black’s battery is empty when the Yi 4K battery isn’t lower than 15% (red light). Additionally, we used the YI 4K more often in the past, so the battery already had some loading cycles. The battery of YI 4K is 1400 mAh whereas GoPro Hero5 is 1220 mAh. If you have a long trip, you might want to get extra batteries for your GoPro.

9 – Voice Control

I love Siri of iPhone. I love the way GoPro integrate voice control in their camera. When shouting “GoPro take a photo” the camera takes a picture moments later. YI 4K will receive this feature soon, they are currently testing it with beta users. However, we don’t mean that you should not care about the remote. Do you know what better things a remote can do? For us, this is the best way to control your GoPro. You should never ignore the remote when using a GoPro. Trust us!

10 – Special Feature

Only GoPro has this feature, GPS recording. When using the Quick App for Desktop you can display the recorded data including: Speed, G-Force, Elevation, Distance,…

11 – Waterproof without case

GoPro is calling the new Hero 5 Black “Simply the best GoPro, ever.” They’re not wrong. Waterproof to 33ft out of the box and featuring 4K video, stabilization, voice commands

Now you don’t need to care about the case. In wet environments, it’s so great to shoot photos without a case.

For underwater use, it is important that you should find a good floating hand grip to help you shooting photos and keeping your GoPro safe.

Furthermore, for diving, if you find out your photos are suck after setting up many things, it does matter a lot. So in order to have better underwater photos, you need to consider to change the filter. Why? Because the original one could not give the optimum result, we have to use a filter to make it better. There are a variety of filters in the market. Be sure to choose the right one, otherwise, it costs much money for nothing

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So, what will you choose after reading this GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4K article? As we said before, you must ask yourself what do you need of a 4K action camera, then you can go one by one our points to see whether you need Yi 4K or Hero5. And remember, you can save half the price if you go with Yi 4K. If you want to buy a 4K action camera for professional business, we suggest GoPro Hero5. For the best use, please also choose the right accessories to maximize the advantages of these two 4K action camera.

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