GoPro Hero5 Black Review – Best Action Cam

GoPro Hero5 Black – Editor’s Choice

GoPro Hero5 Black released on 19 September 2016 is currently the first 4K Ultra HD Action Camera which is 100% waterproof without a case.

Let’s begin how we gonna do a very deep review about it to make sure it worths every penny.

When it’s time to head out for that amazing adventure, there is no doubt in your mind that getting great shots of your activities in your new surroundings would be the best souvenir to bring back to your friends and families.

This is where the GoPro Hero5 Black which for us is the best GoPro action camera available. This action camera can be used in a wide variety of ways ranging from different scenarios with all kinds of mounts from the jungle to the sea, the sky; the GoPro Hero5 Black will take all kinds of shots only if you bring it along with you.

The GoPro Hero5 is the culmination of years of GoPro’s experience with action cameras and it’s designed to be a great companion for action junkies and adventure seekers alike. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Hero5 Black especially for those who have used the Hero4 and are wondering what’s next.

Waterproof without a caseNo EIS in 4K
Additional still image functionsPoor touchscreen responsiveness
Beautiful designNew battery (old one incompatible)
Top image quality
Dual microphones
Additional still image functions
best action cambest action cam

The Accessories

Before we dive into the features of the GoPro Hero5 Black, which to us is one of the best GoPro action camera produced, let us look at some of the accessories included with this device. It comes with a frame mount, adhesive mounts and a USB-C cable.

GoPro Hero5 Black Accessories

So what are the features of the GoPro Hero5 Black?

1. 4k/30fps maximum resolution

2. GPS

3. Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS)

4. 2-inch touchscreen display.

5. RAW photography and Wide Dynamic Range

6. Waterproof to 10m without a case.

As you can see with the GoPro Hero5 Black, there are some features that are quite new while others were upgraded from the Hero4 before it.

There are Dual Microphones now with 4K/30fps maximum resolution, and this is aided with the new 2-inch touchscreen display. There were some complaints by some customers as to the poor touchscreen responsiveness during use, but overall, it was a great experience. Let us dip deeper into the features


1. Touch Display

When it comes to display, the GoPro Hero5 Black comes with an integrated 2.0-inch touch screen for framing your shot. You can also do some interesting things with the display such as change your settings, playback your footage as well as to trim your footage.

One notable change from the Hero4 is the removal of the three button control scheme which is a common feature in GoPro cameras. The side of the camera has a power button and for when jumping between shooting modes and a shutter button on top.

We believe the 2-inch display is decent, but a larger display screen would have been more befitting for a camera of this size, but we are glad the display brings out nice and bright colors for viewing outdoors.

best action cam

If you’ve been a big fan of Hero cameras, then you’d love what they did with the menu system. It has been completely revamped and is even more intuitive.

The experience is similar to the feeling you get when swiping on your smartphone. By dragging down from the top, you’ll have access to the connection settings where you could do amazing things like pairing the camera with a phone, Bluetooth remote control or grant access to the camera preferences.

The touchscreen can also be locked from here. Locking your GoPro camera is essential before going into the water as it could alter the filming of your activities or cause accidental interactions.

2. App, Video and Sound Quality

GoPro Apps

The GoPro Hero5 comes with an app called Capture for both Android and iOs, but it functions in same way it has always done. Your Hero5 can also be paired with your smartphone or tablet via WiFi or Bluetooth. The Bluetooth functionality allows Capture (app) to remotely switch on the camera and it stays connected in a Low Energy mode when idle. After taking pictures or recording videos, transferring of footage happens over a Wi-Fi connection.

Capture App

GoPro Capture App

The app is quite intuitive and makes for easy selection of images and videos to transfer to your smartphone or tablet for sharing and editing. Another great thing you can do with the app is the ability to grab images from a video which can be particularly thrilling after shooting in 4K which would result in high-resolution images.

Editing and sharing images have been a major problem with most GoPro cameras, as owners tend to amass lots of images and videos without knowing what or how to go about editing them. With the Quik and Splice apps (both were acquired by GoPro), editing has become easier.

It is also worthy to note that your GoPro Hero5 Black can auto upload your photos and videos to the cloud with a GoPro Plus subscription.

Quik App

With the Quik app, you can import videos and still images to be edited on the app with intelligent cuts mixed with accompanied music. You can also add fancy transitions – with a variety of styles, filters and music available to tickle your fancy. This is a great way to share a well-edited video to friends on social media. This new app gives GoPro Hero5 Black users lots of capabilities that were non-existent in the past.

App for Desktop and GPS

Editing your videos on the desktop with GoPro’s Quik makes it easy to use the GPS information captured by the camera during shooting.

This is a significant upgrade to what GPS was used for in the past – geotagging location of still images captured by your GoPro. Now, with the Quik app, you can use the telemetric data as an overlay over your videos to show speed, distance, elevation and GPS path.

The app would let you pick and choose what information you want to be displayed on your video as well as allow you to resize it accordingly.

a) Video Stabilisation

The GoPro Hero5 Black, which is the best GoPro camera from Hero till date offers image stabilization with a resolution of 1080p up to 60fps. We did notice that it is not available in 4K as it requires extract sensor space for stabilizing the image. This is not a deal breaker for us, as most cameras don’t offer video stabilization in 4k.

Resolutionbest action cam
4K30, 25 fps Wide FOV
24fps SuperView, Wide FOV
2.7K60, 50, 48, 24 fps Wide, Medium, Linear FOV
30, 25 fps SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear FOV
2.7K 4:330, 25 fps Wide FOV
1080p120 fps Wide, Narrow FOV
90 fps Wide FOV
80 fps SuperView FOV
60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24fps SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear, Narrow FOV
720p240 fps Narrow FOV
120, 60, 50fps SuperView, Wide, Medium, Narrow FOV
100 fps SuperView FOV
30, 25 fps Wide, Medium, Narrow FOV

Based on these specs above, you can see that the GoPro Hero5 Black sticks with the same resolution as the previous resolution. The photo resolution is 12MP and a respective sensor is used, in addition to being able to process RAW, GoPro Hero5 can also do up to 30 fps.

b) Video and Sound Quality

Hero5 Black has a sensor capability similar to what we saw in the Hero4 Black topping out at a 4k resolution capped at 30 fps, but when it drops to 1080p, you’ll be able to go down to 120 fps or down to 720p at 240 frame per second, which is ideal for super slow motion videos. 

The main addition to the video quality of this best GoPro camera is the electronic image stabilization that works up to 1080p at 60 frame per seconds. This capability is a feature you will want to use for any camera prone to frequent shake.

This Electronic Image Stabilization capability (EIS) feature doesn’t come without its cost as the shake compensation is possible by cropping the image out of the camera movement which means on an average you’ll lose 10% of the frame.

We did notice that the image quality is as great as what we had in the Hero4 Black with crisp and quality sharp detail. The colors are also vibrant and we loved the fact that there is little to no noise when served with lightning. The problem of chromatic aberration is also well controlled and the exposure this camera gets is spot on

c) Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Hero5 Black supersedes its predecessor as the microphones can pick up far more sound and the wind reduction does a great job of capturing usable audio which adds more to the immersion of the video.

This best GoPro camera records in stereo and is equipped with 3 microphones. What we loved about its sound capabilities is that it can recognize the best audio stream available and switch between them automatically. Audio has always been a part where GoPro wins, but the Hero5 Black goes way beyond what was expected for a GoPro camera.

3. Accessories

When you buy the Hero5 Black, you should expect so see some accessories lined up in the package. Accessories such as an underwater case and remote control are options:

a. Underwater Case (Super Suit)

GoPro Hero5 Black Super Suit

This case allows you to go deep underwater up to 60m or 196 ft. In the menu options, there is a “dive housing sensitivity” which increases the touch display’s level of sensitivity. You should turn this setting on when using the GoPro with Super Suit so it can activate the Touch Display.

b. Remote Control (Remo)

GoPro Remo

The GoPro Hero5 Black remote is a waterproof voice activated remote which can be clipped to your clothes or strap to your wrist. The Remo also enhances the voice of the Hero5 Black in windy conditions and can be used from up to 33ft (10m) away.

c. Selfie Stick for diving and swimming

You might not ignore one of the most popular accessories when you are diving or swimming with GoPro or any other action cameras. This is the selfie sticks.

This GoPole GPE-10 EVO 14-24″ Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Transparent) for those who wants a floatable GoPro stick. You can also buy a wrist strap and a remote clip in this package, which is sold separately.

Best GoPro Selfie stick

There are many other selfie sticks which are suitable for other purposes which have been picked and reviewed in this article.

d. Memory Card

We received many questions about how much storage we need for a 3 days trip or one day diving in the island… Frankly, we can’t answer these questions. As you know, GoPro Hero5 is a 4K camera. It has many resolutions for you to use. Therefore, honestly to say, if you don’t use it all the time to record every moments of your trip, we might suggest the 64 Gb card.

If you are a pro or you need to record more and more, this article will help you find your right one.

e. Headstrap Mount

Best GoPro Headstrap Mount

You can not hold your GoPro in your hand all the time, right? Sometimes you ride, you run, you walk or trek, you really need a headstrap mount to carry your GoPro so your hands are free to do other jobs. As our experience, headstrap mount will give you the best POV for your videos. You need to choose carefully good mount in order to protect your GoPro as well as give you the best quality of video.

4. Battery Life and Charging

GoPro Hero5 Black Battery

The GoPro Hero5 Black has a larger capacity battery than the previous version which is great news since it also comes with EIS, GPS and a touchscreen which drains the battery. This new development also means the battery won’t be compatible with the Hero4.

We did run a few test and compared it with the Hero4 Black, and it seems the battery is a little better. We were able to get 1hr 45mins of 1080p video at 30 frame per seconds.

We got all of this even with the additional drain on the battery as we turned on the Wi-Fi, GPS and the EIS. We believed you should be able to get more out of if when those features are turned back on.

GoPro Hero5 Black Battery

Ultimately, if you do intend to shoot a lot of videos all through the day, you can carry a spare battery, as well as the USB Type-C connection to charge the Hero5 Black.

The GoPro Hero5 Black battery was upgraded from 1160 mAh in the Hero4 to a removable 1220 mAh lithium-ion battery.

If you think this battery is not enough for your trip, you can buy another rechargeable battery for GoPro Hero5 here, or you can buy the Wasabi Power Battery (2 pack) with triple charger for GoPro Hero5 at better price.


GoPro Hero5 Black Packages Price:




  • Despite many great things GoPro Hero5 Black owns, there many GoPro alternatives out there in the market. A rising star of Yi brand, the YI 4K action camera has been considered a running up action camera which has same features at the half price. We has covered a deep comparison between GoPro Hero5 Black and YI 4K action camera here.
  • Next year, another new camera from GoPro might become the ultimate action camera in the market. GoPro Fusion information has just been revealed recently could become a blast to all action cameras in the market. It could be the most powerful 360 degree action camera so far.
  • If you only care about image stabilization, GoPro Hero5 is definitely not a good choice. Sony FDR-X3000 owns the optical image stabilization which gives you the best image stabilization feeling at this time. We may hope that GoPro might change to optical stabilization in the next generation.


The Good

The GoPro Hero5 Black is a flagship action camera with all the shooting options you could dream of plus more. RAW and wide dynamic photo capture, touchscreen and a waterproof body. Best part is that there is a voice control feature and auto cloud uploads. This is the best GoPro camera to get.

The Bad

The battery life of the Hero5 lets us down a bit especially when using GPS, EIS or Wi-Fi. While this is understandable, the main reason for having those features is to make the experience on the camera worthwhile, so we were a bit disappointed that the battery isn’t as long as it should be. The Auto upload feature also comes at a cost of $5/month on the GoPro Plus service.

Bottom Line: Combining every good thing with the Hero4 and a whole lot more, you’ll have the GoPro Hero5. There is no compromise on the quality of this camera and we rate it as the Best GoPro camera to get.

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