GOPRO HERO5: The Future Of Best Action Camera?

GoPro Hero5 has been told to be released in 2016 with some following rumors and expectations.

news GOPRO HERO5: The Future Of Best Action Camera?

Based on the final quarter of 2015, on the earnings conference call on February 3, CEO Nick Woodman talked about the company plan so that they will put more effort to the activity-capture devices in 2016. They are talking about the arrival of GoPro Hero5. (source: Cnet)

Drone compatibility

With the development of Drone and related accessories, especially action camera has renovated more and more to fit with various types of Drone. There are many rumors recently that GoPro has been working on their own drones in the last few months, with the ambition to extend their product ranges to another brand new product which is very popular within 2 years, autonomous drone.

Higher Capacity Battery

GoPro Hero5 is expected to have 24 hours using with a single charge (around 2,800mAh)

Dual-lens system

There are many discussions about dual-lens technology in the smartphone industry so it would not be a big surprise if dual-lens is equipped in GoPro Hero5. What for? With the demand of capturing 3D pictures and videos, we must have dual-lens system.

8K shooting mode

Have you heard about 8K video format? How many of GoPro users actually need 8K shooting? As we know so far, many devices have already geared up 4K format in their devices, therefore the 8K video format will be definitely one of the most powerful specifications of GoPro Hero5. If you want to become unique in this technology world, you can’t. You must become the leader. Actually, we all know that GoPro Cameras are very popular in making commercial clips, after a long time, they expect more and more in video quality and high tech features

Under-water sports

There are many rumors around the powerful GoPro Hero5 features for underwater shooting capabilities. It is said that the Hero5 will help us to do the underwater shooting up to 60 meters, which is triple the GoPro Hero4. With this capability, GoPro could attract more professional divers to become their fans. Other advertising or movies company would be interested in Hero5 also, it could help them to make more dangerous scenes, as well as real scenes with less effects from movies editing.


People are very satisfied with present GoPro products at the moment. However, we always look for newer things with smaller size and lighter weight and high techniques. This demand appears in all devices we use from smartphones, electronic devices, home appliances and so on. Therefore the company has more challenges in finding ways to satisfy all their customer’s demands.


Again, due to the competitive market at the moment, recently GoPro has slightly down the prices of some present products. With truly understanding customers, they do not care so much because they know the price goes with the quality. People hardly find a similar action camera with a lower price, compared to GoPro products. This step of GoPro is that they do not want to lose customers to other companies. They are having many challenges in making highest quality action camera with the most competitive price as they can.


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