Best Tips to Turn GoPro Camera into a Dash Cam (updated)

GoPro Dash Cam. Is It Worth To Try?

Anyone remember the video of a meteor ripping through the sky of Russia that went viral in February, 2013? Questions asked were: “where did it come from”, “what was that”, but have you ever wondered how that moment was captured? Ever since, the term “dash cam” has became popular with drivers, especially to show who’s right and who’s wrong in accidents or for parents who just buy their kids new cars and just want to make sure that they are doing fine out there on the streets. Dashboard cameras are also known as dash cams, dashcams, car cameras, car DVRs, or even accident recorders.

You can get yourself a dedicated dash cam for under $200 with an average quality. You can just stick it to your car because you can’t really use it for any other purposes, while the famous GoPro Hero 4 Black is extremely comfy with its small size, much better video quality (4K30, Ultra HD). The most important thing is it can be used anywhere, in any situation.

Turn your GoPro as dash cam? Am I crazy?

Do you know GoPro has one of the most important feature using for dash cam? LOOPED RECORDING. It keeps record a new video and replace the old ones when the memory card is out of spaces

Of course, not being a dedicated dash cam means GoPro Hero 4 needs a bit of modification, here’s what you need to turn your GoPro Hero 4 into a high-quality dash cam:

GoPro Hero 4 (of course)

Skeleton housing

GoPro suction cup mount

GoPro battery charging kit

Memory card

GoPro Camera
Here are the things to say about GoPro Hero4 Black: comfy, high-quality video. Comparing with other dedicated dash cams, the GoPro Hero4 Black has a much smaller size and the weight is a bit lighter, this means that GoPro camera will not take as much space as some other dedicated dash cams. The video quality of the GoPro Hero4 Black is amazing, and it comes with fine-tuning tools. Of course, you don’t necessarily need a 4K video of your normal road trip, so you can choose GoPro Hero4 Silver with a cheaper price and a lower video quality.

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best gopro accessories
GoPro 4 Silver

Skeleton Housing

Where do you use the GoPro dash cam? In a car, right? So there is no need to use the waterproof housing. You need the skeleton housing if you use it in a car. This housing will help you to power up the GoPro since the your GoPro is in use. There is another option if you do not want to use the skeleton housing – drilling a hole in your GoPro. I DO NOT  recommend this option because the skeleton housing is inexpensive to buy. You can easily own one here.

After that, you need a 12 VOLT USB cable to connect your GoPro (mini USB) to the cigarette socket.

best gopro accessories
Skeleton Housing

GoPro suction cup mount
For best quality videos with less bumps and shaking images, I recommend using GoPro suction cup mounts, the best GoPro mount to be offered.
Start off with saying the GoPro suction cup mount is a must for GoPro camera owners. It’s light and has a slim profile, and of course, it is made for GoPro camera so there won’t be any problem fitting them. You can have unique video angles with a very good vibration control. On the other hand, since its hinges each works only on one plane, so every time you need to modify the angle, you need to undo the process and reattach it. Another downside of this sunction cup mount from GoPro is the plasticky and cheap feeling, with some metal parts, this thing will not last long in salt water.

Check GoPro sunction cup mount price here

best gopro accessories
GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro battery charging kit
GoPro camera has a lot of ups, but battery life ain’t one of them. So to keep your camera rolling for more than 2 hours, with wifi and LCD screen on, you have to have yourself a battery charging kit, or else you will have to spend a lot of time twiddling your thumbs waiting for your battery to be fully charged. The Smartree Batteries and Chargers for GoPro Hero4, which includes 2 spare batteries, a 3 – slot cradle, a USB cable, an AC wall charger adapter and most importantly: a car charger adapter. The only downside of this pack is that it doesn’t have the worldwide AC adapter.

Check Smartree Batteries and Chargers for GoPro Hero4 price here

best gopro accessories
Smatree® High Capacity Li-Polymer Battery (2-Pack) 1290mAH

Memory card for GoPro dash cam
GoPro camera doesn’t come with a memory card, so you need to get one of your own. There’s a list that GoPro recommends for GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver, and when it comes to memory cards, you have to take a look at its transfer speed. Personally, the best memory card for GoPro is Lexar 633x Class 10 64gb micro SD. It has the reading speed up to 95MB/s, and the write speed is mentioned in the tiny printing says “write speed lower”, but not specifically how low, with testing benchmark, the Lexar has the writing speed of 45MB/s.

Check Lexar 633x Class 10 64gb micro SD price here

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best gopro accessories
Lexar 64GB Professional 633x SDXC Class 10 UHS-I/U3 Memory Card 2-Pack Bundle

Buy the accessories now to get yourself a high-quality dash cam, with amazing footage of road trips or evidence of any auto accidents that might happen. Links below:

– Click here to buy GoPro Hero 4 on Amazon.

– Click here to buy GoPro suction cup mount on Amazon.

– Click here to buy Smartree Batteries and Chargers for GoPro Hero4 on Amazon.

– Click here to buy Lexar 633x Class 10 64gb micro SD on Amazon.

– Click here to buy Skeleton Housing.

Some reasons that you don’t want to use GoPro as a dash cam:

  • It’s expensive comparing to other dash cams. Yes, it’s true
  • If you don’t have a spare one just for dash cam, every time you get in the car, you have to mount it to the cup, connect the cable and turn it on. It takes some times, doesn’t it?
  • You usually park your car in a hot place. It’s definitely destroy your GoPro

—> Think twice before using it as a dash cam


In fact there are many ways to use your GoPro. In this article, I show you how to turn your GoPro as dash cam. You might already have your own dash cam in your car. But in my opinion, GoPro dash cam may be better as we already know how good the GoPro camera is. So why not we try them instead of using traditional dash cam. For me, it’s worth to try this GoPro dash cam :).

What do you think?

In your opinion, which one will be the optimal choice for GoPro dash cam? GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero3?

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