10 Reasons Why Your First Camera Should Be a GoPro


You don’t have to be a professional paraglider or planning your next scuba diving vacation to utilize a GoPro. Granted, the small-but-mighty camera is an excellent way to record all sorts of extreme sports adventures. However, a GoPro is also the best starter camera because it can survive dunks in the pool at the neighborhood block party and capture memorable shots of the next weekend road-trip. It’s a durable, reliable and convenient option for anyone wanting to capture their surroundings. In this article, we provide 10 reasons explaining the advantages of the GoPro to help you decide if it’s the best starter camera for you.


Background of the GoPro Best Starter Camera


small action camera filming nice landscape slow motion outdoors - best starter camera


A GoPro is a camera that aptly matches its name. Its small size and rugged exterior make it easy to take on the go.  And yes, it captures photos and videos like a pro. The company was founded in 2002 by sport-enthusiast Nick Woodman. Since that time has the GoPro has spread all over the world with cameras used by both amateurs and professionals alike. In fact, a whole community has formed around the GoPro. Ranging from mountain climbers capturing the view from the summit of Mount Everest to parents recording their kids learning to ride a bike. The popularity is because the GoPro captures excellent shots and is simple to use. Making it a great way to enter the world of photography and video recording.

10 Advantages of a GoPro Best Starter Camera


Young man with camera taking pictuser underwater - best starter camera


1) Convenient Size


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Three of the four GoPro models are 62.3W x 44.9H x 33 D mm in size. While the fourth model, known as Fusion, is 74W x 75H x 40D mm. That means the camera is shorter in length than your typical pencil. Such a small size, with a weight of 117 grams. Makes it easy to fit in a purse or suitcase when packing for a trip. It’s also much easier to tote around and use in a new city than a bulky camera bag with multiple lenses. Using a GoPro as an entry level camera, you can safely avoid the extra lenses.


2) Mounting Ability


Perhaps you have seen videos of water splashing against the rim of a surfboard or intimidating views down an alpine ski slope. These shots are possible. Because of the way GoPro cameras are designed to mount onto other surfaces. You can purchase mounting materials created specifically for instruments, ski poles, roll bars and more. With this capability, you can still be a pro dirt biker and capture the adventure with a mounted camera on your helmet at the same time. Simply snap it on and get rolling.


3) Durable Structure

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GoPros are designed to handle extreme situations. This could involve a snowboard crash or something less dire. Such as someone accidentally dropping the camera out the car window. The GoPro comes in a durable plastic case that can survive most hard falls. However, if you’ re still concerned about the camera breaking. You can choose to purchase from a variety of even more hardy cases such as the Super Suit.


4) Waterproof Option


Underwater photographer swimming with whale sharks and makes selfie in the philippines - best starter camera



Other electronic devices advertise themselves as waterproof when they are most likely water resistant. Meaning they can survive the occasional thunderstorm or spilled water bottle. A GoPro is designed to be completely submerged in the water and capture extraordinary footage at the same time. Making it a powerful tool for scuba divers and teenagers at pool parties. The Hero, Hero5 and Hero6 can reach depths of 10m, and the Fusion can reach a depth of 5m. With the Super Suitcase, this depth resistance is increased to 60m.


5) Quality Video


The different models of GoPro vary in video features. The Hero5 and Hero6 can reach up to 4K resolution. While the Hero reaches 1080p, and the Fusion easily shoots 5.2K resolution. Each model also offers lower resolution options that are better suited for capturing quick, live shots. Such features offer exceptional HD video quality that can be utilized by a beginner video recorder. Additionally, you can capture quality slow-motion footage.


6) Still Shot Capabilities


Along with the video, the GoPro can also capture nice still shot photos, with quality varying by model. The Hero can capture 10MP with 10 frames per second burst. The Hero 5 at 18MP with 30fps, the Hero 6 at 12MP and 30fps, and finally the Fusion with 12MP and 30fps. Frames per second refer to the number of images the device can capture in one second. The higher the fps, the higher the quality of the video. The fps of the GoPro is not as high as high-end digital cameras. But it’s high enough to capture a memorable scene stunningly. The camera also has time lapse. A feature many people enjoy using to capture a sunrise or fresh snowfall.


7) Fish-Eye Effect


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Many GoPro videos and photos you see have a distinctive wide frame. The frame is due to the camera’s ability to capture wide fields of vision. The models can capture either wide, medium or narrow shots. Standard wide shots make it possible to catch a stunning sunset or majestic mountain range without using the panorama feature on your phone. Having a wide photo field can increase your flexibility as a photo editor. As you can crop out whatever you don’t want after the photo session.


8) Wi-Fi Connection


At first glance, you may not think about combining a wi-fi connection with a camera. Yet every model on the current GoPro line-up offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This ability allows you to connect the camera to your phone. Or another electronic device with the GoPro App. After pairing devices, you can take advantage of features including downloading photos from the camera to your phone. Taking photos remotely and sharing videos with friends.


9) Privacy


You may currently rely on your smartphone or tablet to capture exciting moments and scenic views. Many devices have impressive memory and pixel capabilities these days. However, there is some risk involved when relying on them for your daily photography ventures. Losing a phone means losing connectivity with family. And an increased risk of someone accessing private information stored on the device. You don’t want to lose or break a GoPro. But if you happen to do so, you aren’t losing a device that stores banking information and work emails. For this reason, it is good to consider an alternative, like the GoPro, to your smartphone for photography.  


10) Numerous Resources


The GoPro community is a strong and global one. Such an established user following means you, as a starter photographer, have a plethora of resources to help you in your video ventures. There are countless blogs and video tutorials expanding on specific GoPro features, and even some highly informative books as well. The odds are that once you purchase a GoPro, you will connect with a friend or work colleague who also has one and can show you the ropes. By utilizing the help and guidance available, you will be snapping action shots like a pro in no time.


Here’s A Video Of WHICH GoPro SHOULD I BUY and WHY?



Types of GoPros Best Starter Camera


Camera Action Cameron Hunt. In other places - best starter camera


There are numerous advantages to purchasing a GoPro for your next ski vacation or European adventure. Once you have decided to invest in the camera, the next dilemma you face is in choosing which GoPro model best suits your needs. Currently, there are four models offered through the GoPro lineup, although you may be able to find retired models elsewhere. Distinguishing characteristics of each option are briefly described below:



GoPro Hero best starter camera


This model offers the lowest photo and video quality, but also the lowest price of the four models. Like its fellow GoPro cameras, the Hero can be controlled by voice activation, a touch display and link with the GoPro App. The Hero is a solid choice for capturing action video and can also use burst and time-lapse photo options. It is the most basic camera in the current GoPro lineup.


Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black best starter camera



The Hero5 Black offers higher quality photography than the Hero. Additionally, this model is compatible with the Karma drone, thus providing a way to capture overhead footage of urban and rural areas. Exposure control and Protune, which lets you manually alter color and shutter speed, provides the user with control over photo and video quality. Like the Hero, the Hero5 can connect to the GoPro App and offers a range of shutter features.

Hero6 Black


GoPro Hero6 Black best starter camera


Photo and video quality are both higher than the previous models in the durable structure of the Hero6 Black. It’s more expensive, but the additional features explain the cost. This model is capable of all the GoPro highlights described earlier, but can also be turned on by voice. Store images on the high-quality GP1 chip, capture HDR quality and zoom in by touch.



GoPro Fusion best starter camera


The Fusion stands out because of its larger size and its ability to capture 360-degree images and audio at 5K resolution. This feature makes it much more expensive in price. Waterproof depth is lower than the previous models, but the photo and video quality are each higher. The GoPro Fusion lacks other extra features such as the GP1 Chip and being Karma compatible, but places more emphasis on the 360-degree feature.


Try out the different models today at a local electronics store to further understand the differences and to experience the 10 reasons you should purchase a GoPro camera. With the best starter camera in hand, it is your turn to capture your next adventure and join the GoPro community.