Best Drones 2017 – What do you need from a drone in 2017?

BEST DRONES 2017 with Highest Pictures and Videos Quality

1/ KARMA Drone from GoPro

Karma, a completely new drone designed and manufactured by GoPro was just revealed to their fans. Before that, who are their fans? The ones who love action cams, action activities and high quality sport cameras. From now, they officially got many new fans who really love Drone. If you are reading this article, I am sure that all of you already knew clearly about its features, description, differences with other competitors…

The thing here I want to say is that although this is the first drone that GoPro made without any experience before. Some of us said that they are afraid of lacking experience will make them “not a perfect one”. For me, it is good as GoPro follows the new mindset, they understood what people needs, the disadvantages of current drone in the market. So they designed a better one with a very affordable price.

I was very excited with the latest GoPro camera, Hero5 Black. It is really a perfect combo ever.

If you don’t believe in the commercial videos, let’s check out this clip tested by Casy Neistat, a famous youtuber. This is one of the first Karma flying on the sky

It’s totally cool right? It is definitely one of the best drones in 2017. We can see that it flies steady in the sky, no shaking by the wind at all. One more thing that I love it is the remote control. Now it is easier for us to fly with it without using our phones or tablets.

I will recap a little bit about this fantastic drone and pick out the important points:

  • The flying speed: 35 mph
  • The distance: up to 3,000 m (9,840 ft)
  • Wind resistance: up to 22mph (10m/s)
  • Remote Control screen size: 5 in
  • Remote Control resolution: 720p

best drones 2017

best drones 2017 best drones 2017 best drones 2017

It was officially released on 23 October 2016. Now you start preorder. There are 3 options with 3 different prices:

  • $799: Karma drone and Karma grip (Camera not included).
  • $999: Karma drone, Karma grip and Hero5 Session (better than buying separately).
  • $1,099: Karma drone, Karma grip and Hero5 Black.

Why we call Karma the best drone in 2017? As you can imagine that the main product of a drone would be the picture it captures and the video it records. GoPro has been known as one of the best action camera ever which has many experience in action moves. That’s why it was not surprised when they introduced about the drone project.

As far as we know, DJI drone is also a well-known drone manufacturer in the market. The most important factor would be about the price.

WATERPROOF? We could not imagine how excited we are if it becomes true

Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. We could hope that for the furture.


2/ DJI MAVIC – Foldable Drone from DJI

best drones 2017

DJI has been a king in drone market for quite a long time. With the new competitor from GoPro, they just released a new top secret weapon, the MAVIC. on 24 September 2016, they announced that their drone are ready to order on their site. The drone will be shipped from mid October for the first come first serve.

So if you all knew about it, I will pick out some interesting points to see what are the strengths of the Mavic.

1- Flight Autonomy

Now the Mavic is more clever, it can hover precisely in more complicated environments

best drones 2017


2- Compact mode. best drones 2017


3- 4K stabilized camerabest drones 2017

4- OcuSync Transmission System: The transmission range of up to 7km (4.3 miles)

best drones 2017


5- Dji Goggles. Wow, now you can view and control your drone through this wonderful drones 2017

About the price:

$999: The Mavic with the remote control

$1299: The Mavic + remote controler + 2 Propellers + 2 batteries + battery hub + shoulder bag + Car charger +  Battery to Power Bank adapter (Real Deal, save $82)

With a drone under $500, DJI Phantom 3 Standard is the optimal choice in the market at the moment. At this price, the max video quality it can make is 2.7K/30fps. If you ask for higher resolution, you could check the DJI Phantom 3 4k or Phantom 4 which will support up to UHD 4K/30fps.


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