Best Cheap Action Camera Under $100 in 2018 – Editor’s Picks

What Is The Best Cheap Action Camera Under $100?

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"GoPro has appeared a few years ago. Then it changes the way we make videos. It has been successful in selling the cameras and motivate many other manufacturers to jump in this industry, action cam.

When we think about the best action camera, there’s only one company that comes to mind: GoPro. Just like how we think about Apple when we think about smartphones, GoPro is the first company that comes to many consumers’ minds. However, while they’re considered a premium product, they are not considered the best cheap action camera.

Today, we’re going to give you the satisfaction of shooting photos and videos at GoPro level quality, while leaving your wallet still feeling heavy at the end of our trip. Let us dive into the wonderful world of the best cheap cameras that our slim wallets can afford."

Our Best Cheap Action Cameras

Camera #1: Yi Action Camera
We had a difficult time saying the name of this camera too. What’s not difficult is uploading the amazing shots and high quality videos to our computer after putting this beast to the test. With the ability to shoot at different FPS of 1080, 720, and many more, this gives you many options to choose from. Check Price Now.

Camera #2: Akaso EK7000 4K Action Camera
Channel your inner ocean loving self with the Akaso EK7000 4K. Hailed as one of the best-selling underwater photography cameras, those sea critters will get away but not before you’re able to capture their magnificent beauty under your lens. Check Price Now.

Camera #3: IConnTechs IT Action Camera
Not very popular in the market but still one of the best selling action cameras, the IconnTechs IT Action Camera is a fan favorite. With an IMX078 sensor and a 70-170 wide angle lens, it’s capable of shooting wide videos and capturing panoramic shots. Its waterproof shell makes it so that you can dive up to 30m underwater. Check Price Now.

Camera #4: Aokon 4K Wifi Sports Action Camera
Feel sporty with the Aokon 4K. Designed for taking breathtaking videos and capturing stabilized video at a variety of speeds, this camera is highly convenient for anyone looking to capture a Kodak moment on wheels. It sports a 12MP wide angle lens and comes with a full accessory kit. Check Price Now.

Camera #5: Eken H9R
The Eken H9R is one of the best action cameras out in the market. It’s known for its full high definition WiFi and waterproof exterior. It’s able to shoot at 4K quality with 720p120fps video. Check Price Now.

Camera #6: Fitfort Action Camera 4K WiFi Ultra HD
Conquer your elements with the Fitfort Action Camera 4K. Designed to withstand speed, terrain, and weather, the Fitfort Action Camerais a handy companion wherever you go. Use it to capture moments with your family or use it to record yourself speeding down the driveway—the Fitfort will capture it all. Check Price Now.

Camera #7: Apeman 4K Action Camera Wifi
Go ape with one of the best action cams that brings more than just smiles and giggles. The Apeman 4K captures high definition in even the deepest of seas at 20MP. With 2 included rechargeable batteries, you’ll never run out of power under water or on land. Check Price Now.

Camera #8: Lightdow LD6000
What isn’t light about the Lightdow LD6000 is the attention and brand name it’s developed amongst its happy customers. With a Novatek NT96655 chip and a 2 inch LCD screen, you have the power of Hollywood at your fingertips. Ironically, the camera doesn’t come in a light color either. Check Price Now.

Camera #9: Tec.Bean 4K
Compared to most cameras, the Tec.Bean is as literal as its name—it’s small like a bean. Big things come in small packages, and so do its features. Housing a 16MP camera that’s capable of WiFi features, you’ll be guaranteed a quality shot online or offline. Check Price Now.

Camera #10: Campark ACT74 Action Cam
Don’t let the rangers catch you snooping around in the park with this camera. With a 16MP lens at 4K quality, you’ll be seen as a force to be reckon with. Throw in the affordable price tag and the 2 rechargeable batteries that are included, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Check Price Now.

2018’s Best Cheap Action Camera Review

Weight: 94g | Waterproof: N/A (optional case available) | 4K video: 30fps | 1080: up to 120fps | 720: up to 240fps | Stills resolution: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 2hrs

Why Should We Buy It?

The Yi Action Camera certainly stacks up well as one of the best action cameras. Designed for users to experience its functions as a professional photographer, the experience is incredibly immersive with the Yi Action Camera.

The Yi Action Camera comes prepacked with 1080p full HD video quality, image stabilization, 3D noise reduction, 11 video modes and 4 photo modes, and more. The built-in Wi-Fi with Bluetooth functionality and microphone certainly matches up with some of its GoPro competitors. Packed with 90 minutes of battery life and a 1100 mAh battery, you’ll never be short of power on the go.

While a micro SD card does not come with the Yi Action Camera, given its price, features, and build quality, it’s considered perhaps one of the best action cameras to buy if not interested in a GoPro.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested

• Full HD 1080p videos with adjustable resolutions (Ambarella A7LS)

• Clear and crisp 16MP photos (Sony 16MP sensor)

• 155° ultra wide-angle lens

• Image stabilization and 3D noise reduction

• Motion compensation and blur reduction

• 11 video modes and 4 photo modes

• Real-time streaming and remote control on the app

• Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microphone

• 90 minutes of battery life with a rechargeable 1100 mAh battery

• Additional storage on a micro SD card (not included)


  • Sensor from Sony: I satisfied with the sharpness and light processing from this sensor. It can shoot 2K resolution at 30fps (mp4 format). I can be sure that you will be happy with this quality. You cannot tell the difference between GoPro and this Yi. The GoPro price is higher than Yi way too much. For some reasons, you should think about this Yi if you are not in need of doing some masterpiece videos.
  • Exposure Metering: Impressive. Usually you might have problems with the sun in the picture. However, with this Yi, it can help you a lot. In my experience, you might be not in the overexposure situation again with this Yi. It is usually spot on or underexposure. Amazing or not?
  • The Xiaomi Yi App is compatible with almost smartphones.
  • Battery: 1100mAh


  • Slow startup time: I extremely hate to restart this camera because it is way too much slow. If you do not mind about 14-18 seconds, it doesn’t matter to you. You should turn on quite a time before you plan to take any pictures as you may miss some spots. That’s why extra batteries are really necessary in this case to leave the camera on all the time.
  • Shooting speed: Very slow. Around 2 seconds/shot. You will take some time to get used to shoot photos with this camera. Listening carefully to the beeps is a good tip.
  • Be carefull: the camera will create a new file when the data reaches 1.9Gb. Unfortunately, it takes about 10-12 mins to do that process.

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Weight: 74g | Waterproof: N/A (optional case available) | 4K video: 25fps | 1080: up to 60ps | 720: up to 120fps | Stills resolution: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 80 mins of 1080p at 60fps

Why Should We Buy It?

There’s a phrase that’s pretty common among Akaso EK7000 owners: It’s beyond my expectations. Beautifully packed with a variety of accessories and long list of features, the Akaso EK7000 is very ideal for consumers that are looking to take a variety of different shots at a great price. While we can’t say for sure that it’s one of the best cheap cameras, we can say for sure that it surely don’t put a frown on anyone’s expression.

Conquer your lens with its 170 degree wide angle lens, its waterproof casing that allows you to breathe underneath up to 30 meters, and more. Capable of shooting 4K video or even bursting your photos at 12 MP quality, the crisp images and Hollywood quality videos are going to leave you breathless.

4K 25fps and 2.7K 30 fps at this price? Are you guys kidding me? That’s the question I asked the staff when I first saw it. We are honest to say that the information is not so true. However, we could not agree more if we could at that price.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested


  • High frame rate of 4K 25fps and 2.7K 30 fps
  • 170 degree wide angle view
  • Camera setup is incredibly easy
  • Camera comes with a lot of accessories to help you get started
  • Great for taking pictures or recording videos underwater


  • The quality of mounts and battery is not as good as others.
  • Difficult to see camera mode in the sun.
  • Camera can be quite complicated to use
  • The audio can sometimes be distorted underwater
  • Does not fit some of the larger SD cards like its competitors do

Weight: 64g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 4K video: 24fps | 1080: up to 60fps | 720: up to 120fps | Stills resolution: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 80mins at 1080P/30fps

Why Should We Buy It?

Iconic in its own way, the IConnTechs It is more than just a catchy name for its action camera. One of the best cheap action cameras out in the market, it has a variety of features that other high quality cameras have at a faction of the cost.

Its UHD 4K video and wide angle lens let’s you become Mozart with a camera. Capture the details of anything you cross paths with at the highest quality. Whether it be on the ground, on the move, or even underwater, the IconnTechs IT action camera is an all-in-one deal. Never let a moment pass you by with 60FPS shots at 1080P, the market’s highest industry standard in action camera technology. Do a spin with the action camera at 70 up to 170 degrees, the camera won’t miss a single moment.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • 60fps Burst Mode:
    Never miss a moment with 60fps shots at 1080P. The world doesn’t stand still, and neither should your camera.
    With the ability to shoot 60 frames per second at 1080P video resolution, you get 60 photos in just 1 second of 1080P footage.
    Whether it’s skydiving, snorkeling, car racing, surfing or skiing, capturing every moment of a sports event will be a breeze. You’ll get a lot more shots to choose from, and most of them will surely be keepers.
  • Waterproof up to 30m:
    The waterproof housing is designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. When it’s attached to the waterproof casing, the Action Camera goes underwater with you.
  • Wi-fi and HDMI connectivity:
    Use your favorite app to download your photos and share them with your family and friends. With HDMI technology, you can also transfer crystal clear digital video to any TV, DVR, Blu-Ray disc player, and mobile device.
  • Time Lapse Function:
    At Time Lapse Video mode. It compiles the time lapse video in the camera and puts it out as a video file.
  • Battery Specs:
    3.7V 1050mAh li-ion battery. Working time: About 80min at 1080P/30fps


  • Highly affordable
  • Long lasting battery for long travels
  • Feels like a GoPro


  • May cause overheating under extreme heat
  • Video quality varies depending on activity done with the camera
  • Is not compatible with some well-known memory cards

Weight: 54g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 4K video: 15fps | 1080: up to 60fps | 720: up to 120fps | Stills resolution: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 90mins at 1080P/60fps

Why Should We Buy It?

Master the world through a lens through photos or video with the Aokon 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera. Highly sought after in the market as one of the best action cameras, you’ll never miss a beat.

Designed to withstand extreme environments, its water-proof exterior allows you imprison the most beautiful moments at the highest level of details. Go under water and take a picture with the local fish or even capture those competitive moments while racing at high speeds. With a 12 MP camera and hardware that allows you to shoot 4K video, your experience will be incredibly immersive as you take your place behind its 2 inch screen.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • Professional 4K Ultra HD Action Camera. Updated features: Advanced Original Chip and Camera Sensor, better shot quality. Supports 12 mega pixel shooting, this sports action 4K camera with 2.0 inch HD Screen, up to 4K 25fps/2.7K 30fps/1080p 60fps/1080p 30fps/720p 120fps, boasting an immersive 170° 6G wide-angle fish-eye Lens. Mode: video mode, photo mode, burst photo, time lapse, and loop recording mode.
  • Wireless Wrist Remote Control Sports Camera. Featuring a wrist 2.4G wireless RF Remote Control, you can capture your world in an all-new way. Controlling the camera, framing shots or recording video are now ultra convenient-just press the button of the Remote Control. No more looking to your Sports Camera to start and stop recordings or snap photos. Full control your Sports Camera with the remote.
  • Built-In WIFI & HDMI, easy to edit & share your action. Just download App(on package) on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Then operate or review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices. WiFi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
  • Get All You Need in a Kit: Each kit includes a waterproof case, a remote control, a bicycle mount, multi-function mounts, a camera clip, a helmet seat, bandages, a charger, 3M stickers, tethers, a wire rope, a USB cable, a lens cloth and a user manual too! What is more, upon placing your order, you are offered 2 powerful rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. That means that you'll have all the right tools in place for attaching you camera in the most beneficial viewing point.
  • 30m Waterproof Camera and 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: A water-resistant case that allows you to film fascinating water sports; water-resistant up to 30 meters under water to capture unforgettable getaways in the ocean. Meeting all your demands and providing you with the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. We offer a 100% money back guarantee in case this action video camera does not live up to your expectations. In addition, our products are backed by a 1 year warranty.


  • Comfortably affordable
  • High quality video and photos
  • Easy to use with action camera accessories like a mount


  • The phone app isn’t as user friendly
  • No remote control available
  • Is not compatible with some well-known memory cards

Weight: 64g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 4K video: 25fps | 1080: up to 60fps | 720: up to 120fps | Stills resolution: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 90mins at 1080P/30fps

Why Should We Buy It?

Highly recommended by many as one of the best cheap cameras in the market, the Eken H9R blows the competition away. It packs a punch with 4K quality, video recording at 720FPS, a 12 MP lens, and more. It’s 2 inch display allows for previews and playbacks while giving you the flexibility to use all of its features with easy adjustments.

Even more awesome is that it comes with a 2.4G wrist remote that allows you to conveniently and easily cycle through video mode, photo mode, burst photo mode, and time lapse. If you think you’ll run out of power with this beast, you’re going to be happily disappointed. Its batteries are designed to last 2 hours shooting HD quality video, a feature that’s rarely seen in its market.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • 4K Action Camera High Resolution—Video: 4K25fps/ 2.7K30fps/ 1080p60fps/ 720p120fps. Photo: 12MP max. Versatile Shooting Mode: video mode, photo mode, burst photo, time lapse, and loop recording mode. EKEN H9R 4k camcorder enables people to self-capture immersive and engaging footage of them enjoying their favourite activities.
  • Built-in WiFi & HDMI output—Edit and share your EKEN H9R sports action camera actions as soon as it’s recorded with the App EZ iCam. WiFi signal ranges up to 33 feet. HDMI output is supported, which means you can preview videos or see real-time display on the TV with a HDMI cable.
  • Durable and waterproof up to 100 feet—The waterproof housing of action camera is designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. This helmet camera is wearable and mountable: enables immersive capture during your favourite activities: surfing, diving, snorkeling, biking, and driving.
  • 2-inch FHD Display—High quality display for preview and playback. Get the full spectrum of the features with easy setting adjustments, you can do it all on your EKEN H9R 4K waterproof action camera.
  • Additional features— EKEN H9R action camera Use the 2.4G wrist remote to shift between video, photo, burst photo, and time lapse instantly. Long-lasting batteries: 2 hours of video shooting with 2 batterie


  • Waterproof up to 30 meters (100 ft)
  • Latest Wi-Fi technology
  • Portable and light


  • Camera sometimes glitches
  • Video quality varies depending on activity done with the camera
  • Does not support loop video recording on 4K

Weight: 64g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 4K video: 25fps | 1080: up to 60fps | 720: up to 120fps | Stills resolution: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 90mins at 1080P/30fps

Why Should We Buy It?

High customer satisfaction is what makes the Fitfort Action Camera one of the best action cams in the market today. Compared to the quality of a GoPro, many have praised the Fitfort Action Camera to be a steal when it comes to price. It comes with everything you need in its packaging and is beyond the expectations of many consumers.

Although rare, the Fitford Action Camera does come with a remote control. In addition, it also comes with a bike stand, some tethers, a lens cloth, and more. Combine all of these amazing additions with the fact that it shoots videos at 4K quality at a wide angle lens capable of 12 MP, you’ll be able to savor every moment you’ll ever have with your family.

If you’re worried about wireless connectivity, put your fears aside because this comes with high definition Wi-Fi, ensuring you’ll never lose your connection.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • 【100% 4K HD Action Camera】: Provides 4K/25FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS and 720P/120FPS Video Resolution. 12MP Image Resolution & 170 Super Wide Angle Lens Delivers Skip-Free HD Video and Accurately Capture Every Epic View And Exciting Moment For You
  • 【Sufficient Power Supply】: Comes With 2 Rechargeable 1050mAh Battery(one in the camera, one in the box) Enables Continuous Recording Without Worry. Supports Up To 90 Minutes Recording For Each Battery. Built-in 1/3/5 Min Screensaver To Save The Power
  • 【Wireless Remote Control】: Features a 2.4G Wireless Remote Control. Put the Remote Control On Your Wrist and Accqurie Ultra-convenient Control For Hiking,Biking, Skiing,Bungee And More While Installing The Camera On Your Helmet. Wireless Range Up To 10m(33ft)
  • 【WiFi & APP Control】: Compatible With IOS Devices and Android Devices. Scan the QR Code On The Manual And Download The"Ez iCam"APP. Easily Control The Camera And Manage The Photos & Videos On Your Phone. Save And Share Those Moments Anytime Anywhere
  • 【100 Feet Waterproof】: IP68 Certified Rugged Waterproof Housing Supports Diving Detph Up To 30m(100ft). All Buttons Can Be Operated While The Case Is On. Perfect For Water Sports Like Diving,Sswimming, Drifting, Surfing And More.


  • Can be mounted as a dash cam in a car
  • Image quality is outstanding
  • You can fit this into the palm of your hand


  • The software sometimes freezes
  • Still image files are sometimes average quality
  • Instruction manual can be difficult to follow

Weight: 64g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 4K video: 25fps | 2K video: 30fps | 1080: up to 60fps | Stills resolution: 20MP | Battery life: Up to 60 mins in 4K video

Why Should We Buy It?

The Apeman 4K Action Camera encourages you to go ape with this beast. Housing a 30M waterproof shell, with 4K quality and a 2 inch screen, you’ll feel the animal instinct within you to unleash your inner photographer.

Specifically designed for special use under the water, you’ll be able to capture even the darkest corners of the ocean as its high quality build will allow your camera to live in even the most extreme ocean environments.

Coupled with 2 rechargeable batteries and a wide angle lens, you’ll be able to capture all of the ocean in front of you with one shot.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • 【4K & 20 M Ultra HD Action Camera】: With professional 4K 25fps and 2K 30fps feature, you can take incredible 20M photos and ultra HD videos, clearly recording the beauty and wonders in life
  • 【Built-in WiFi & HDMI】: Sharing & editing videos and images easily and freely. Download the free app (final cam) on your smart phone or tablet then connect with APEMAN action camera, and then you can take full control of the cam
  • 【30M Waterproof Camera】: A water-resistant case allows you to dive as deep as 30 meters under the water, available for you to capture all your details of adventures with interesting selfies and amazing videos. Ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc
  • 【Longer Working Time】: Equipped with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries, you don’t have to worry about the recording time for each of the battery can record up to 60 minutes, which enables you to catch every excellent moment in your life
  • 【Valuable Contents & Features】: 170°ultra wide angle, 2.0" LCD screen, HDMI output, time-lapse recording, loop recording, and supporting 64GB micro card (CARD NOT INCLUDED or SELLING), capturing much more scenery of your world; With a WATERPROOF CASE protecting the camera from water up to 30 meters; Including a SPECIALIZED PORTABLE PACKAGE with 17 accessories


  • Can be mounted as a dash cam in a car
  • Can easily capture video and photos in dark places
  • Incredibly sharp pictures


  • User interface isn’t as friendly and convenient like other cameras
  • Does not come with a Micro SD card
  • Has a limited timelapse interval

Weight: 60g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 1080: up to 30fps | 720: up to 60fps | Stills resolution: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 70mins at 1080P/30fps

Why Should We Buy It?

While the Lightdow LD6000 may not have captured the hearts of many with its mediocre build, it’s still considered one of the best cheap action cameras for the other benefits it brings. Designed to become a companion with GoPro cameras, you’ll be able to use your GoPro accessories easily and seamlessly with the Lightdow LD6000.

It also comes with motion detection, anti-shake features, and dash cam mode, all of which, are unavailable to GoPro’s line of cameras. It has a 170 degree wide angle lens with a 2.0LTPS LCD display that lets you take a variety of photos at different resolutions. It allows for single shots as well as burst photo mode. While the battery life isn’t as great as consumers would want it, it only takes 3 hours to get a full charge on the Lightdow LD6000.


Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • 2.0 inch HD Screen & NOVATEK Original Chip - NT96655 Solution, Better Vision, Better Quality.
  • Wide Angle, Fast, Powerful Photo Capture: Captures high-quality 12MP photos at speeds of up to 30 fps.
  • Support 12 mega pixel shooting, Camera up to 1080p/30 and 720p/60, Boasting an immersive 170°wide-angle lens.
  • Durable + Waterproof to 98' (30m): Designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Wearable + Mountable: Enables immersive self-capture during your favorite activities.
  • Backed with Lightdow's 1 year hassel free return & replacement warranty for Quality-Related issues.


  • Great camera for those looking for one of the best cheap cameras
  • Camera comes with a large number of accessories
  • Has a rotating function that adds depth to your shots


  • Quality of videos and pictures not as sharp as other better cameras
  • User manual is difficult to read and follow
  • Construction quality may not be the best

Weight: 54g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 4K video: 30fps | 1080: up to 60fps | 720: up to 90fps | Stills resolution: 16MP | Battery life: Up to 88mins at 1080P/60fps

Why Should We Buy It?

We have to give a lot of credit to the Tec.Bean 4K for its amazing marketing strategy. Beany from top to bottom, the Tec.Bean fits easily into the palm of your hands and gives you freedom in taking its cameras for a spin on your adventures. Packed with lots of features, it’s impressive the moment it lands at your doorstep to the moment you unbox it.

Prideful with its hardware, the Tec.Bean shoots at full HD and captures real-time HD quality videos. It can easily be carried with you anywhere you go, never again making you feel like you’re carrying a boulder. It comes with an extra 900 mAH battery to ensure that its power is always available for you to call on. This is certainly one of the best action cams for your wallet and experience.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • 4K Ultra HD TEC.BEAN Action Camera: Records 4K 30fps & 1080P 60fps & 720P 90fps video with 16MP photos which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras. With 170 wide-angle lens , Capture and share your world in a fantastic way.
  • Buit in WIFI: Simply download XDV App on your phone or tablet and connect with your TEC.BEAN 4K Sports Camera using the built in WIFI. Then you can operate or review the images or videos via your Android or iOS device.WiFi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
  • Long Battery Life: TEC BEAN 4K Action Cam comes with 2 rechargeable 900mAh batteries. Each 900mAh battery can record from 88 minutes to 176 minutes. Don't worry about no battery when using for recording.
  • Recommend Micro SD cards. Supports most High Speed Class 10 and up to 64GB Micro SD Card(Not Included).
    100 Feet(30m) waterproof camera: TEC.BEAN Camera is designed to withstand extreme environments. Equipped with IP68 waterproof case used underwater of 100 Feet (30m) depth.Ideal for water sports like swimming, drifting, surfing etc. Come along with tons of free accessories, you can transform it to fit various indoor and outdoor extreme activities.


  • Best bang for your buck
  • One of the best cheap action cameras in the market
  • Recommended use for water activities like snorkeling


  • Does not have an image stabilizer feature
  • Rainbow flares will show up in the camera when using under direct sunlight
  • Does not come with a head band or chest strap

Weight: 61g | Waterproof: 30m (with a case) | 4K video: 30fps | 1080: up to 60fps | 720: up to 90fps | Stills resolution: 16MP | Battery life: Up to 90mins at 1080P/60fps

Why Should We Buy It?

Considered one of the best cheap cameras for budget users, the Campark ACT74 functions very well under many different scenarios. Whether you’re deep diving with whales, or saying hi to nature as you zip past your local park, the Campark ACT74 has got your back. Being one of the best sellers as a rangefinder film camera, we certainly know why this is an amazing knockoff GoPro camera.

The Campark ACT74 currently has a 2 inch LCD screen, photo resolutions of up to 16 MP, and video resolution from 720p at 30 FPS up to 4K at 40 FPS. With the Campark ACT74, you’ll never be short of the possibilities that travel with you as you captivate life’s greatest moments. If recharge time is an issue for you, rest at ease knowing that it takes at most 2 hours for a full battery charge.

Key Features That You Will Be Interested
  • Sony sensor, this action camera will record your video footage in 4K Ultra HD at 30 frames per second and capture images at 16 megapixels. With a wide angle 170 degree lens, you won’t miss out on any background details and the support of 64GB on an Micro SD card will let you store all your photos and videos right on the camera.
  • WiFi connectivity across 10 meters lets you connect with smart mobile without any wires. This WiFi is not only a remote control, it allows you monitor in real time, review videos/photos on mobile, set camera feature and record modes. What is more, instantly send pics and videos via email or share them on social media easily.
  • If you are a fan of water sports or are interested in making some stunning underwater footage – this waterproof sports action cam is just what you need. You can easily take it snorkeling or even diving with the waterproof case (included in the package) and get to learn more about the underwater world.
  • 2 inch high definition screen that displays and replays good videos recorded. The Campark 4K sports action camera also comes with a nice set of accessories. In addition to the waterproof case, you will get helmet mount kit,4 zip ties, 3 straps, one bicycle mount and more, so it is suitable to use as a helmet camera,bike camera or motorcycle camera.
  • Connect this action camera to your computer with a USB cable to transfer your entire library, or simply hook up the sports cam directly to your TV via HDMI.2pcs 900mAh batteries included in package, Seller Kingmak Trade was the only authorized dealer of Campark brand on,Any other seller who sold Campark product was infringe our intellectual property rights and their goods are inauthentic.


  • Packs the quality of functions similar to a GoPro
  • Crisp and fresh picture and video quality
  • Light and portable for ease of travel


  • Phone app doesn’t work very well
  • Camera does not come with flash
  • Customer support may not be the most cooperative

Suggested Accessories

As with any outdoor venture that’s begging for you to captivate its moments in pictures or videos, walking out without the proper camera accessories sounds like a disappointing experience. Here are a list of some of the most essential camera accessories that’ll enhance your moments:

Head Strap/Mount Strap

Best cheap action camera under 100

You’ll never have time to always hold your camera. One of the best ways to keep your investment safe and away from harm is strapping it on your head or your mount. Packing a head strap or mount strap gives your camera security and also allows you to play with your camera in creative ways.

Extra Battery

best gopro accessories

This goes without saying that as cameras become more advanced, they’ll require more energy. The last thing anyone wants is having their best cheap action camera dying on them in the middle of a moment. Save yourself the mountain of headaches for all your video and photo needs and pack yourself an extra battery before you stroll out. We guarantee that you’ll be more than happy in doing so.


best gopro gimbal

Taking the camera in your hand and snapping or recording what’s in front of you is easy. However, like many hobbies that people do on the side, photography and cinematography is more artful than skillful. Packing a gimbal along with you and your adventures will allow you to be creative with your shots, therefore making your experience much more interesting. Much of the attraction in taking photos and recording videos is having the freedom to mimic professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Extra Memory Card

best gopro accessories

Taking photos and recording videos can be incredibly addicting, but also memory intensive. Before you know it, all your memory is gone and the most painful thing any photographer can do is delete their files. Avoid this by investing in an extra memory card that has a larger capacity than your standard memory card. Low memory should be the last thing to worry about especially when you want to focus on what’s in front of you.

Our Final Conclusion

In conclusion, compiling our list of the best cheap action cameras was certainly not easy. With 10 cameras to review and only allowing one of these cameras to take home the crown of best cheap camera, we have a lot of work to do. However, after reviewing all the cameras, only one camera came out king as the best action camera: The Eken H9R.

The Eken H9R simply blows the rest of the competition away when you compare its features with the price you pay. It has all the standard features of higher quality cameras plus it comes with a price tag that any minimum wage consumer can afford. When we were compiling this list, while the other cameras were impressive in their own grounds, the Eken H9R certainly takes home the cake.

At the end of the day, the two things that mattered the most to us were what we were getting out of an action camera with the money we spent. With the Eken H9R, we beyond pleased with the quality and price.

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